Are you ready to escape from everyday life?

Are you ready? Who does not want to escape from all this madness around us? You can do all this by booking a vacation. Either just you alone or with the family. Just check out We on compare prices, find cheaper stays, flights, or just day trips for you.

Is the weather in your city too cold and humid for you, lack of sunshine, and just depressive? I have the perfect place for you. Book a stay in the Bahamas. has the best deals for you.

Are you ready - book your trip

Are you traveling a lot because of your job?

Especially in America, people travel a lot for business reasons. The airports are always very busy. Due to job changes, there are also a lot of relocations. If you need a cheap hotel with a flight and rental car, then you’ve come to the right place. will find the right one for you.

Anyone who travels a lot for business needs a bit of variety. How about a visit to a restaurant after a successful deal? Or a musical evening in a pleasant atmosphere? Or just an evening stroll through the city. Check your Area for specific activities.

Many business travelers only stay one night and then fly or drive to the next appointment. Others stay for longer periods of time to do business. For those who only need a one-night stay, I would recommend booking bed-and-breakfast only. Maybe for a longer stay, you might prefer Guest houses instead of Hotels.

Trips to Europe are very popular

Travel to Europe is always very popular. Whether it is England, Spain, Italy, France, or Austria. Which country in Europe is your travel destination? Save 15% on stays up until March 31. You can also experience more of the world with and Amazon Prime. This is a limited offer. Travel more for less with Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime members get 10% of the cost of their bookings back as travel credit, plus instant access to Genius discounts. This promotion is only available to Prime members in Germany and Austria. By logging in with Amazon, you authorize to receive your name, email address, and Prime status.

Here are some early 2022 Deals:

Early 2022 deals start at 15%. Discounts are applied to the original price of a room, before taxes and charges. The discounted prices offered as Early 2022 Deals can’t be combined with other discounts, except for Genius discounts. They are available at participating properties worldwide, for stays between 1Jan-31 Mar 2022 and can be booked between 1. Dec 2021-31Mar 2022.

Are you looking for your summer vacation?

Summer, sun, beach, and sea. Who does not want that? Book your summer vacation today. Just escape the stress. Pack your bathing suit, your family and relax on an island with beautiful beaches, beach bars and let your soul dangle. Stroll through the soft, white beach and enjoy the turquoise water that just invites you to swim and surf. Or book a boat tour and let the wind caress your face.

Sit back in your beach lounger, enjoy a cocktail and a good book. Watch the hustle and bustle on the beach and in the water and switch off your thoughts. Smell the fresh sea air that surrounds you. Let the sunshine on your face. If you’ve got the urge to travel and want to escape the monotony of everyday life, then take a look at our offers. You will surely find your dream destination at a great price.

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