A Quictent 12×12 Metal gazebo has a very pretty appearance. It doesn’t need much decoration and can be used for many occasions such as a family gathering or a birthday party. The 12×12 gazebo will make your backyard a perfect space to enjoy yourself with family members and friends outdoors.

  • Convenient sidewalls. The dual-track design for the gazebo with screen nettings allows one structure to have two enclosures, and three choices throughout the year for you: on hot days (typically, summer), you can apply to the mesh sidewalls only, which can ensure good ventilation while letting fresh air in; on cold days (typically, winter), put down the curtain sidewalls, they definitely keep the inside space warm (also good for privacy-keeping!); of course, you can also keep both when required.
  • Excellent materials. Both the frame and the canopy fabric for this 12×12 gazebo are made of premium materials. The frame, made of rust-proof steel, is also coated with powder for better protection, together with the coated PVC canopy, the whole structure is UV protective and waterproof! It can withstand winds and rains and sunlight and heat all the year-round. Enjoy the outdoor space with ease!
  • Curved canopy top. The special design delivers an elegant look, it also protects against winds and effectively avoids water accumulation on the roof. What’s more, the extended eaves also give more shade. You can also check out this deck gazebo with a different top design.


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