20 Web Projects With Vanilla JavaScript

Build 20 mini frontend projects from scratch with HTML5, CSS & JavaScript (No frameworks or libraries)

This is a fun, practical & project based course for all skill levels. The projects in this course are designed to get you building things using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript with no frameworks or libraries. Every project is built from scratch and has some kind of dynamic functionality from small games to an expense tracker to a breathing relax app.

Although this is a project based course, I will still be explaining everything as I go. These are mini-projects designed for you to complete in a few hours.

Some Things You Will Learn In These Projects:

Create Layouts & UI’s With HTML/CSS ( No CSS Frameworks )

CSS Animations (Transitions, Keyframes, etc With JS Triggers)

JavaScript Fundamentals

DOM Selection & Manipulation

JavaScript Events (Forms, buttons, scrolling, etc)

Fetch API & JSON

HTML5 Canvas

The Audio & Video API

Drag & Drop

Web Speech API (Syth & Recognition)

Working with Local Storage

High Order Array Methods – forEach, map, filter, reduce, sort

setTimout, setInterval

Arrow Functions

and More!!


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