The Ultimate Blender 3D Architecture Course
Learn The Ins & outs of Architecture Including Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting For a complete Architecture workflow!

We will kick it off by learning the VERY basics of Blender. How to navigate around the scene, manipulate objects, and everything you need to know to be comfortable in Blender!

-Then we will start with our project by modeling the blueprint and foundation of the house and learning how to put in doors and windows.

-We will then be modeling every appliance and furniture that a house would have to scale using measurements. We will learn the skills and techniques for modeling household objects and go over many modifiers and tools!

-After modeling, we will go over texturing and adding materials to everything in our scene. We will learn about nodes and different node setups for different materials

-Lighting our scene comes after and we will go over different lighting techniques to light the outside and inside parts of our scene

-Finishing off the course by animating and rendering some cool shots of our project!

-End With The Confidence and Know How to Be Able to Create Your Own Projects and Architectural Works From Just An Idea to a Finished Product

The Power to Create in the Palm of Your Hands


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