4 in 1 TRAVEL BASSINET DIAPER BAG: This bag is durable and wider than others. Perfect design to fit all your baby’s needs.The #1 must-have item for every parent. Includes Waterproof drawstring bag, Portable pull out bassinet, Changing pad, Toy bar, 4 way straps, and Mosquito net. An insulated pocket keeps bottles warm or cold. The side pocket has a slit for easy access to wipes.
The Bassinet Diaper Bag: PERFECT FOR ON THE GO: No more dirty public bathroom wall changers! This portable washable changing station allows you to change your baby comfortably and sanitary on the go!
PORTABLE EASY EXPANDING CRIB: Gone are the days of holding a fussy tired baby! The portable pull out crib is perfect for weekend trips, a day out in the park, Naps, Airports, Beach Days, hotels or just a visit to Grandma’s house!
5 WAYS TO CARRY: 5 easy ways to carry this diaper bag. On your hand, as a shoulder bag, as a backpack, on a stroller or on a suitcase,
GIVE THE BEST BABY GIFT: Perfect gift for Christmas! Need a baby shower gift for girls or boys? Voted best gift for new moms or dads. Be their favorite guest! The new parents will enjoy some quality time together while their precious bundle sleeps soundly next to them. It’s a must have baby item.


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