• Rounded for My Well-Being: “Meow…I love the round corners of this cat tree. When I rub against it I won’t get hurt, and when we play hide-and-seek, you won’t either.”
  • Hours of Scratching Fun: At the bottom of the cat tower is a scratching ramp so that your sofa will be saved from velvet claws. Working both as a ladder and a scratching board, the ramp will help your kittens climb onto the cat condo and build their muscles at the same time—so cool!
  • Where Is Her Favorite Spot? Yawning on the well-padded viewing perch, melting into the basket lounger, or hiding in the spacious cave with 2 doors? Wherever she stays, she’ll be very comfortable and appreciate the cat tree you build for her
  • Trust Its Stability: This is a small but stable cat tower. Thanks to its high quality engineered wood and reinforced base plate, this cat condo will be a great companion during your cat’s growth


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