CBD+ Melatonin Liposomal Good Night Capsules

Our CBD & Melatonin based Good Night Liposomal CBD capsules provide efficient, fast-acting delivery of our premium CBD plus a soothing blend of sleep enhancers. Our proprietary Liposomal technology results in up to 10x faster absorption than traditional oral capsules, giving you the benefits of CBD on demand. A healthful, natural alternative, Good Night Liposomal CBD capsules can help you get to sleep faster, achieve deeper sleep and wake feeling better rested.

While CBD alone can enhance feelings of relaxation and restfulness, we’ve combined it with other key botanicals to help you get the good night’s sleep you deserve. With 3mg of Melatonin, it is sure to help you fall asleep without the risk of taking too much supplemental melatonin, which can disrupt your rhythm. Melatonin and CBD are combined with 52mg of our proprietary sleep blend.

When you need a restful night of sleep, Good Night Liposomal CBD capsules will be there to tuck you in. One of the most efficacious CBD products on the market, our Liposomal CBD exhibits up to 17x more bioavailability and up to 10x faster absorption than regular CBD.


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