GZMR Foldable Baby Crib Playpen with Mosquito Net and Bag

If you thinking about taking your baby to see the world, taking care of babies on the road can be a hassle. In this case, you need a decent solution.You may consider our Folding Baby Travel Cot Bed. With this bed, you won’t forget taking babies’ bottles, snacks, wipes, toys, etc. Since it features a strong storage function to meet all your needs.

It features a bi-level bed, diaper changing table. A side zipper door for babies to enter into the lower bed by themselves. It also has a canopy with mosquito net, two casters with brakes, fancy toys. And two retractable rocking support legs which can be used at will. Apart from the bed, all other accessories are removable to ensure it’s easy to carry, suitable for traveling by plane, on a road trip or taking it to the hotel.



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