Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is widely considered one of the best coffee beans in the world. The annual harvest of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee occurs between February and June and this specialty coffee is then processed by the washed method. The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is transported across the globe in its famous, handmade, wood barrels.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown at a high altitude. The higher the altitude the denser the coffee bean, which translates into a richer Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. In eastern Jamaica, it rains often and the climate is cool and misty, with rainbows often showing up between the hills. The rainforest-preserving trees provide shade that delays the maturation of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee cherries, contributing to the unique character and mildness of this speciality coffee. Hayman acquires only Grade 1 Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, the best coffee beans.

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