Kalorik Easy Pour Waffle Maker

Making waffles has never been easier with the mess-free Kalorik Easy Pour Waffle Maker. Simply use the included measuring cup to pour batter into the spout, adjust to desired temperature setting, and within minutes you will have a perfectly cooked waffle. The adjustable angle makes it possible to evenly distribute batter easily and efficiently. Indicator lights plus five browning levels guarantee crowd-pleasing waffles are easily baked for all your family and friends.

One of the most challenging parts of making waffles is determining how much batter to use. If you use too much batter, you’ll make a huge mess. If you don’t use enough, the waffles won’t brown correctly. With this waffle maker, that problem is solved. Simply use the included measuring cup and you’ll get the perfect amount of batter every time. The nonstick coating makes this waffle maker easy to clean, and the sloped design prevents messes.

What are some good toppings for waffles?

  • Bake 7″ diameter 1″ thick Belgian waffles in minutes
  • Sloped waffle maker with no-spill technology
  • Red power light
  • Green temperature pilot light
  • 5 browning levels


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