Liposomal apigenin( This product is only“1 Bottle- 60 Softgels” to participate in the rebate campaign)

  • Liposomes Are Liquid Fortresses That Optimize Absorption | Liposomes
    are microscopic liquid spheres that envelop apigenin, protecting it and
    enhancing its absorption. Our proprietary formula uses 100 mg of non-GMO
    sunflower phospholipids which allows for natural liposome formation and
    optimal absorption of 500mg apigenin into the circulation.
  • Stress, Mood and Sleep | Get this natural apigenin supplement and wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.
  • Backed by the Senolytics Blend | Combined with fisetin, quercetin and
    theaflavins, this ‘senolytic’ formulation is specially designed to to
    give the best result.


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