MeshTech Mid Shorts – Men’s Gym Shorts – Burgundy

Material: Cotton/ Polyester Blend

Cut: Mid-length

MeshTech Mid Shorts. Use: Everyday use; they can be worn as casual wear or as gym attire, or both! Our Mid Shorts are more conservative compared to our Lift Shorts. They feature minimal printing/branding, and provide great coverage.


A mid length cut, they sit just above the knee making them ideal for year-round training
A cotton blend material that is light, durable and easy to care for… these shorts are very comfortable!
Mesh inseam maximizes air circulation for enhanced breathability and sweat evaporation
Generous room and stretch to allow for squatting & deadlifting, or any other movement requiring flexibility
Four pockets large enough to fit your smart phone or mp3
High quality stitching and embroidery
Available in 4 colors


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