Rectangle Shade Sail (5 Colors Available) 10’x13′

Quictent’s 10’x13′ Rectangle Shade Sail can add coolness to your life in the summer, keeping you relaxed and comfortable whether it’s for patio or commercial use. Lightweight overall, very easy to build and use, absolutely no worries about quality.

  • Durable materialsThe shade canvas material is made of 100% new 185 GSM HDPE heavy-duty to prevent tearing or fading of the shade sail and increase the service life. Also, the heavy-duty double edges prevent edge wear and distortion. Each corner has a 316 stainless steel D-ring at the end for easy hanging.
  • UV resistance.Capable of accomplishing up to 98% UV and sun-blocking. Provides a great shady spot! You can enjoy the pleasant natural light without getting burnt, sunburned, or worrying about skin burns. Able to feel up to 20 degrees cooler under the shade sail. If you need a larger shade range you can choose a larger size shade sail.
  • Reinforcement Hardware Kit. The complimentary hardware kit features a high-quality 316 marines grade stainless steel hardware kit that can be quickly installed on support posts of various materials, making the shade sail strong enough to keep out wind and rain.


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