Secrets of creating 3D Environments

The virtual world is becoming more and more commonplace, to such an extent that we can’t escape it anymore in our daily lives. For some, it serves as entertainment, for others, it is a new work environment.

But what is hidden behind these digital worlds that are increasingly becoming a part of our lives? Who gives them shape, and to what extent will they take a greater place in our lives?

The course, Secrets of creating 3D Environments, based on the book ‘Super Focus’ provides insight into how the infrastructure is designed; what are the building blocks, what kinds of crafts have arisen and where is this world going? The creative making process is made insightful through many personal stories and you are taken step by step into the emergence of a world that will soon become an integral part of our current existence, also known as the Metaverse.

Rob Tuytel (author) is co-founder of the CC0 platform Polyhaven, a platform used by millions of users to design virtual worlds. He has also taught more than 80,000 students to impart his knowledge about the creation of virtual landscapes. His latest work (Batavia 1627 VR) is currently available to be admired in the museum of the golden age.


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