SHINE Energy ® includes adaptogenic herbs to increase energy and resistance to stress in case of mental and physical fatigue. Includes a proprietary blend of Canadian grown American Ginseng and AlphaWave L-Theanine that support mental energy, focus, and cognitive function. Great for both women and men.

  • Helps to increase energy and resistance to stress
  • Helps to temporarily promote relaxation
  • 30 Vegan Capsules | 1 Month Supply | NPN 80103343 | Product of Canada
  • No fillers, no dyes, no preservatives or no sweeteners
  • Packaged in happy planet, plastic-free and compostable packs

Your brain is a bustling hub of electrical activity. This is due to the fact that the cells in your brain, called neurons, use electricity to communicate with each other. When a group of neurons sends an electrical signal to another group of neurons, we call those brain waves. This is because a computer-generated electroencephalogram (EEG) test that detects and measures the electrical activity in your brain actually creates a picture that looks like a wavelike pattern.


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