SHINE Unstress® is an all-natural premium blend of bioavailable Shagandha® Ashwagandha and AlphaWave® L-Theanine making the perfect pairing to quickly and naturally lower your daily stress levels. Our hand-selected ingredients are clinically proven to reduce perceived stress, lower food cravings, and significantly lower cortisol levels.

30 Vegan Capsules | 1/day | NPN 80103341 | Product of Canada

Packaged in our happy planet, plastic-free, and compostable packs.
Tip: Don’t like to swallow pills? Break open the capsule and add to the drink or food of your choice.

Shine unstress helps to:

  • Reduce daily stress
  • Reduce crippling anxiety
  • Sleep well & wake rested
  • Be more present


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