V-Whey Sample 6-Pack

V-Whey Sample 6-Pack. Transforming the way sports nutrition does whey protein, this high quality, vegan-friendly whey contains 22g of protein per serving.

Our V-Whey protein powder is creamy, delicious and the first animal-free true whey protein alternative on the market. All the benefits, less of the negative impact.

Where does this vegan-friendly whey protein come from?

To create an animal-free whey, we introduced the cow gene to microflora (microorganisms). This allows the microflora to imitate a cow’s milk production and to produce whey molecules when fed the same diet in the form of plant sugars.

Our V-Whey is recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is considered to be the most sustainable whey protein option available right now.

A revolutionary product made to improve your workout and look after the planet. You won’t find anything else as good.


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