Supplements can help when your body needs more nutrients

If you feel sluggish, always tired, then your body needs more nutrients. That’s where supplements help. But not only for fatigue but also during sporting activities or mental stress. Do you suffer from a vitamin deficiency during the cold season or do you simply want to pamper your body? We have put together the right one for you.

Supplements for Activities

If you are very active in sports, your body needs additional building blocks such as proteins and others. Our partner California Performance has the Perfect Match for you. Their products are 0% Animal ingredients, 99% Less Water, and 97% Fewer emissions. How does this work?

Our whey protein is real dairy but with a difference. It has the same performance power but zero animal ingredients and a lower environmental impact. So that’s a workout for you, and a win for the world. Our dairy protein is made by microflora, not cows, so it’s completely vegan friendly. It’s also free from lactose, gluten, hormones, and soy.

As creamy and rich as standard whey protein, V-Whey doesn’t just improve performance and recovery, it tastes seriously good too. Find your favorite from Mixed Berry, Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Sundae, and discover complete protein that’s completely delicious.

California Performance also offers you deals such as Shaker Bundle – V-Whey Pouch & Shaker Bundle. Choose any one of our delicious V-Whey flavors and any one of our shakers and get them both for only $39.99, saving 12%! Three flavors, up to 5g of BCAAs, and up to 23g of complete protein per serving. V-Whey is the first product in our range and has the performance power you need, with a taste you’ll love.

Don’t miss out on the e-Gift Cards. 4 amounts available. As this isn’t a physical card, simply choose the amount you want to give and we’ll send out the code immediately – ready to be gifted and redeemed on any of our products as soon as possible.

Shine supplements

Who is shine?

SHINE is a caring team passionate about making personalized mental wellbeing easy to understand, accessible for everyone, and gentle on our shared planet. SHINE Health supplements help manage stress and anxiety, get better sleep and be more productive at work.

Our approach:

  • Provide a personalized approach to mental wellness
  • Inspire Canadians to reach their full potential
  • Promote a holistic approach to healing
  • Love and respect the planet we rely on
  • Give back to the community that supports us

Our Products:

  1. Unstress: Your stress fix to flourish while living your modern dynamic life.
  2. Focus: Your focus solution for when you are going after what you really want.
  3. Energy: your energy booster to improve dailay energy and give your best.
  4. Mood: Your mood balancer to bring back joy to every day living.
  5. Memory: Your memory secret weapon for when recall is not as good as it once was.

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Feel is a nutrition company that provides you with daily nutrients. Customer wellbeing and satisfaction are at the core of everything we do and we believe everyone deserves to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. The company is committed to providing our customers with honest, convenient, and affordable supplements backed by real science.

Build your own personalized monthly bundle

2 products – 10% off

3 products – 15% off

4 products – 25% off

5 or more – 35% off


Our flagship multivitamin contributes to increased energy.

Omega 3

The most sustainable & potent Omega 3 supplement.


Discover healthy hair, skin, and nails from within.


Designed to help improve mood.


Specifically designed to assist brain.

Clear Protein

Hydrolyzed Clear Pea Protein.


Discover healthy hair, skin, and nails from within.


A breakthrough formula with restorative

These products are just a few our affiliate partners have to offer. All of them are highly trusted shops and recommended by their customers. Feel free to check them out. Every purchase you make we will recieve a little bonus, for you there will be no extra cost if you buy clicking on the links we provided. So help us to get another cup of coffee.

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