Water fountain – water supply in the form of flowers

We bought Catit Waterfountain for our two divas. We already had other models that were very touted, but we weren’t very impressed by most of them, and neither were our divas. I was actually always very averse to plastic fountains, so we bought ceramic fountains. We found the fountain in the MiauStore very suitable and Chloe drank from it right away. But the problem with these wells was the pump and the calcification as there is no filter system built into this well.

The cleaning was not as easy as described by the manufacturer. The lime settled everywhere. Attempts with vinegar cleaner were also unsuccessful. We had to replace the pump and the hose a couple of times. Spare parts are only available for free if you pay a certain amount for an exchange with the first order, which we did. At least there is a lifetime replacement for a minimal surcharge.

Very popular

Chloe always likes to drink from the tap in the bathroom. So we looked around the internet to see if there was a fountain that was similar to a water pipe. And yes, there is, the faucet well. He’s not made of ceramic but made of plastic, but she absolutely loves it. Since we don’t run the fountains all day, we bought sensors so that the fountain is only turned on when the cats approach it. The sensor switches itself off after a short time until the cat starts moving again. Works perfectly, only Chloe often forgets to move. We ordered the sensors with the Miau-Store Fountain.


Our Mia, who we adopted over a year ago, didn’t like the ceramic fountain at all. After some back and forth we bought the Catit flower fountain. And he became her absolute favorite. We now have two of the kind, as Chloe also likes to use this fountain. We have one in the bedroom and one in the nursery. Chloe’s fountain is in the living room. So both of them always have enough water to drink.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Good filter system
  • Pump is not too loud
  • Is immediately accepted by the cats
  • Beautiful design
  • Good price ratio
  • There is also a cleaning kit that you can buy


I have nothing to complain about

In conclusion

A cheap and recommendable cat fountain. Fits in every home and encourages drinking. I can warmly recommend it. Tested and approved by my two divas, Mia & Chloe.

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